Winter of Discontent

Sad melodrama

Plays to disappointed land

Winter sans ‘jolly’

As frost patterns windowpanes

Peace, unity are lagging


Healing will require

Heaven’s army, top-grade troops

Rage, doubt, fear mooch faith

Once generous, unshaken

Sharp precipice imagined


Junk-mail media

Spews scary information

Educates with slants

Winter’s breath-held discontent

Worthy of literature


Disconsolate hearts

Peer through freezing rains’ dim veil

Encroaching snow clouds

Hem in mind’s isolation…

Soul dreams purple hyacinths

©Avia Morrow, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

5 thoughts on “Winter of Discontent

    1. Thank you, thank you SO SO MUCH! It was a little tricky to keep some “winter” features in it, as my mind was in overdrive about all the challenging issues we’re STILL dealing with daily. So you’re response encourages me, Eugenia–I’m most grateful, as I hope to stay with this blog for a bit…not keep deleting and opening new ones–can you spell UNSTABLE MIND/MOODS, hah! Craziness–gotta find the simple pleasures and reasons to laugh. AND WE CAN DO THIS!!💖😎 Blessings to you–have a great weekend!

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      1. I understand and because of all the hoopla going on, I found it very difficult to focus on everything including writing. I quit listening to the news and reading about politics and started listening to music when writing. Also, I keep the same blog but frequently change the theme. For some reason, a new theme makes everything brand new and I have more inspiration.

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        1. Yes, the news is not our friend right now! I found some great documentaries from the UK which feature the countryside and couples buying or building their dream homes–beautiful and VERY Relaxing!! Take care, Eugenia! ❤

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