Mark of No

Once, far decades ago, love was more than a dream or hope…it was an unscheduled expectation; a promised someday….perhaps even a divine obligation waiting to be fulfilled.

But evidently not for her.

No, on some obscure list her name had been marked through with a heavy black line.

A thorny-bracelet mark on her heart was seared brand yet oozing, gall wending through arteries up into her aubergine-clouded eyes, painting the message for all to read: “damaged goods, beware”.

She stands, back plank-rigid against the coastal wind, gazing undecided at incoming dark sapphire tide.

She could vow a million times that it doesn’t matter, “tell almost the whole story” to herself…but the sirens ever call her, a serenade of sea’s soothing depths.


Denise hosts Six Sentence Stories each week.  Her prompt word this time is “mark”, and she includes the quote by Anne Sexton:  “Tell almost the whole story.”

©Avia Morrow, 2020 ~ All rights reserved.

28 thoughts on “Mark of No

    1. Oh, thank you so much for those words, Frank. I suspect most of us are nicked and bruised, if not deeply broken. I keep praying for deep inner healing, as no matter how busy and focused I keep my mind (on Jesus), the mental battle (fiery darts) is exhausting and very discouraging. Being so unstable is often frightening. Blessings to you.

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  1. ‘ruh ro’
    Quite vivid, especially standing at the each of the shore*
    Welcome to the Six Sentence Story ‘hop

    *which, somehow made me think of a Jimi Hendrix song, ‘Castles made of Sand’

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